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Aggregate moisture control, block making machines Rometa

Aggregate moisture control

Probes exist to control the aggregate moisture. These systems require that the aggregates are constant, the granumoletria is always the same. Function by comparison with respect to a dry mixture or formula. If we change the formula, ratio of aggregates, we must probe reset again. If the amount of dust that comes from our supplier of aggregates, we also have to readjust the probe.


Aggregate moisture control, block making machines RometaThe probes are typically placed in the mixer, but it is not entirely correct, because if the aggregates reach more humid, we weighing aggregates and water. The right thing would be to place the probes into the hoppers, and the mixer. In many countries, we prefer to dry the aggregates, we simply placing aggregates in a covered area, and load the hopper with a loader with the top aggregate that will be dry. Never put direct aggregates hopper provider.

Conduct an aggregate is covered for the most profitable investment of the installation. If the aggregates are always at the same moisture that is very dry, water control is very easy to mix with probe or without probe. Aggregate hoppers also have to be covered to avoid rain in the hoppers. WE see in the pictures the stock aggregates, and covered hoppers

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