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Automatic block machine

Production: 900 blocks / hour
5 blocks / cycle

Block making machines for making concrete parts


Automatic block making machine for productions between 5.000 and 6.000 hollow blocks per 8 hours. Can also produce solid blocks, bricks, pavers, ceiling blocks, kerbstones, etc.


Installation based on the machine Rometa 2010, with 1.200x600 mm tray and a capacity of 5 hollow blocks of 20x20x50 or 6 ceiling blocks of 16. For the production of 0.5 m2 of pavers per cycle.

The machine is always fully automatic and produces the same quality.

With vibrators of 10 Cv for the filling and compression of the mould.

The installation can have diferent levels of automation: Starting from ROMETA 2010-10, wich includes the full automatic press and an exit table for 3 trays plus a manual pallet truck, to ROMETA 2010-50, that includes 8 trays non-sotp elevator and lowerator, automatic palletizing and batching plant with 2 or 3 aggregates.

We have the following configurations: Rometa 2010-10 - Rometa 2010-30 - Rometa 2010-50

Block making machine 2010With this block making machine we can produce PAVER, HOLLOW BLOCKS, CEILING BLOCKS, BRIKS, KERBSTONES 1 MT... It is a very versatile installation, whose assembling is simple and it is easy to manage. The batching plant is 560/375 liters. We have machines over several countries, including Vietnam, Malta, Perú, Morocco and Algeria, where they can be visited.

Block making machine 2010

General information:

• Machine cycle: 18 to 25 seconds depending on blocks and design

• Tray: 1200x600

•Production: hollow blocks 20x20x40: 800 hollow blocks/hour. 150 cycles/hour 100% - Hollow Blocks 20x20x40 = 5 hollow blocks/cycle - Ceiling blocks of 15 = 7 blocks/cycle - Concrete kerbs T2 = 2 kerbstones/cycle - Paving stones 0.5 m2/cycle

• Press weight = 6000 Kg .

• Possible double layer = YES

Block making machine Rometa 2010


• 400 m2 machinery surface
• 300 m2 mixed surface
• 800 m2 dryers surface
• optimal covered surface, no closed 1200 m2.
• total area 5000 m2
• Electrical power: 20 kW to 60 kW depending on the configuration.

Staff :

3 operators (1 machine supervisor, 1 assistant, 1 dryers truck)
2 operators outside loading trucks and aggregates to hoppers.

Rometa 2010 configuration 10 P1: Automatic vibrproess machine 2010 with exit table. P2 and P3: Transport of 3 trays to the drying area with a hand truck. Without investment in structure in the drying area. P4: Drying of blocks P5: Manual palletizing. P7: Transport of trays to machine storage manually. Q8: Automatic Mixer. P9 and P10: The load of aggregates and cement is done manually.

Block making machine for concrete blocks. InstallationRometa 2010 configuration 30 P1: Automatic vibropress machine 2010. P2: Elevator 6 trays. P3: Transport to the drying area by truck or hand truck. No structure for drying. P4: Drying of blocks P5: Semi-automatic palletizing P7: Feeding trays to machine storage automatically. Q8: Automatic Mixer. P9 and P10: Automatic dosing and scheduling of aggregates. The cement dosage is done manually.

Rometa 2010 configuration 50. P1: Automatic vibropress machine 2010. P2: Elevator - lowerator. P3: Transport of material to the drying area by truck with operator. P4 Drying blocks area. P5 Semi-automatic or automatic palletizing. P7: Brushing, greasing and return of trays to the machine. Mixture minimum 2 hoppers. P8 automatic mixer. P9: Automatic cement balance. P10: Automatic dosage and schedule of aggregatesand cement. your social media marketing partner


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iso 9001ROMETA incorporates components from leading brands known worldwide in electrical and hydraulic equipment. Our company is certified in accordance to standard UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015 and our facilities meet the safety requirements of European Directive EEC 2006/42 / C.