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Block resistance. Cycle rate

Strenght properties block making machines

The quality of the parts is more important every day. There are blocks that have to withstand loads exceeding 60 tons. A production faster less quality parts. We must strike a balance between hourly production and quality of the pieces. Here we can see from the photos, the resistance of the block to the output of the machine, where the cement has not made any effect. At the output of the machine depends only resistance aggregates and QUALITY MACHINE VIBRATION.


Strenght properties block making machinesThe cement acts in the drying zone giving more resistance to the block. The current trend is to move blocks compressions to 4 cm to 5 cm. With more compression, we can make faster filling. Filling of the mold is the most important part of the machine cycle. A good filling, balanced, give us quality and homogeneous block. NO we have to reduce the filling time, we need to reduce the time compression in the release, in the extraction. your social media marketing partner


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