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Design and manufacturing of block making machines for concrete industry (solid and hollow blocks, bricks, pavers, ceiling blocks, kerbstones…) since 1956

Rometa is specialized in the production of concrete block making machines (solid and hollow blocks, bricks, pavers, ceiling blocks, kerbstones, etc) and batching plants. Rometa, near the city of Barcelona, Spain, began the design and manufacture of machinery for the concrete block industry in 1956. With over 50 years of history, still excited and making a thorough job of improving our products based on aspects of production optimization, high quality parts, easy maintenance and automatic control, always thinking and looking for the best solution for our customers.

Equipment to meet the changing needs of global market

Concrete products made with block making machinesMachinery manufacturing pavers, blocks, pieces. Our technical team continues to expand the range of possibilities for a manufacturer of masonry, meet new market needs. From the production of standard parts of blocks, slabs, curbs, pavers, double layer elements to pieces fixed tumbler type.


Currently there are Rometa's working facilities on four continents , some with over 25 years without breakdowns.


All Rometa machinery has been designed from the principles of robustness and accessibility necessary for the proper functioning of the same, incorporating the latest innovations in mechanical engineering and electronics at the time.


Rometa uses elements of world-class, for electrical equipment, hydraulic ... incorporating PLC, servo motors, proportional hydraulics.
Using a machine interface - Operator easy to understand visual system called ON LINE that assists the operator to program the machine.

Maintenance and service assured

Maintenance of block making machinesRometa machinery has selfmaintenance. This means machine will advise you when oil change or check-up is needed. A daily report is available. Electrical equipment has autotest. This system will help you to solve any potential problem.

All machinery has a remote Modem Service which allows customers to have supervision by Rometa's technical department by phone.

Rometa facilities meet safety requirements required by European regulations EEC.

KEY-TURN PROJECTS: Full assistance in the implementation of new plants.

Block making machines: key-turn projectsRometa offers all the manufacturing process, including:

  • dosing of aggregates
  • mixing
  • Product production
  • drying
  • transport
  • final palletising

With facilities assisted by the operator to fully robotic plant, where the operator only has supervising tasks.
Rometa becomes involved with the client, assisting in the distribution of plant, civil works, equipment testing, commissioning, operator training, software for cost control and a comprehensive after-sales service.

They all are Key-turn projects.

Rometa projects follow high demanding markets

Forlab. Concrete blocks quality testsMarkets are more and more demanding, and check test for matching a purchasing order could be mandatory.

At the same time in order to minimize cost of production it is necessary to change agregates siting time, temperature, different concretes, or additives to get the resistance of the products in plant.

With the line FORLAB, we present an extensive range of machines for laboratory verification of our customers.

The FORLAB portfolio includes the test compression for blocks, and test specimens at FLEXION trial specimens to the arches, tiles, slabs, curbs, beams, plates and gutters.


What pieces? How many pieces?
Many hours of production? How can you get the most out of your budget?
What equipment do you require?



Rometa's facilities are operating on four continents.
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iso 9001ROMETA incorporates components from leading brands known worldwide in electrical and hydraulic equipment. Our company is certified in accordance to standard UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015 and our facilities meet the safety requirements of European Directive EEC 2006/42 / C.