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  • Tumbler and Split process

    Both treatment are applied when piece is dry, Post-packing. Result is a piece seeming a natural stone.

    Split process is cutting piece in half obtaining two pieces with one finishing face. This could be two sides if it is requested.

    Tumbler process is turning and hitting between pieces obtaining a finishing more natural (older aspect) because it is all faces.

    If pieces were produced with Color-Mix, the result will be closer to natural stone.

    Split pieces samples:

    Muestra split pared y suelo
    Muestra split valla
    Muestra split interior
    Muestra split fachada
    Muestra split curva

    Split machine:

    Maquina split
    Maquina split esquema

    Tumbler pieces samples:

    Muestra tumbler jardinera
    Muestra tumbler jardin
    Muestra tumbler suelo
    Muestra tumbler barbacoa

    Split and Tumbler in parallel:

    Maquina tumbler
  • Shoot Blasting

    Shot blasting machine. Process with dry pieces after cubing.

    Projecting a large number of small steel balls again the paver to show stones.

    Shoot Blasting pieces samples:

    Muestra shoot blasting
    Muestra shoot blasting
    Muestra shoot blasting

    Washing pieces

    Process with wet pieces before arriving to curing area.

    Pressurized water on wet pieces to show stones. Similar surface than shoot blasting.

    Lower investment but production cycle longer. Water is cleaning and recovering.

    Lavado muestra

    Washing machine:

    Lavado maquina
    Lavado maquina


Driers for concrete parts

Driers for the blocks


Additional machine to the press for block making machines ROMETA 2010-2030-2050 o 4050, for the manufacture of concrete blocks.


Molds for concrete blocks

Data Sheet

We manufacture our brand of moulds for block making machines after 30 years of experience, to produce blocks, kerbstones, pavers, ceiling blocks, special pieces or customers' own designs.

Toform moldes
Toform moldes
Toform moldes
Toform moldes
Toform moldes
Toform moldes
Toform moldes
Toform moldes
Toform moldes

When was TOFORM born? or Our mould brand history

ROMETA SA, manufacturer of machinery to produce concrete pieces since 1956, is consolidated in his activity of moulds creating our brand TOFORM, with the acquisition of "MOLDES y LAPEADOS S.L", who contributes with his expertise of more than 30 years on the sector.


TOFORM are moulds for all models and machinery brands that can produce hollow blocks, solid blocks kerbstones, pavers, ceiling blocks, special pieces or specific customer's own design:.

  • Mono-bloc moulds
  • Removable moulds
  • Hydraulic moulds
  • Moulds with mechanised and removable dividing plates.
  • Moulds with removable cavities
  • Spare parts of moulds, interchangeable pieces

Performance and quality

We are using steel alloys and the most suitable treatments to reduce wear and increase the number of mould cycles.

We manufacture the following moulds:

  • Steel with wear resistance of 500 HB (Brinells)
  • Treatment with wear resistance of 900 Vickers
  • High performances of wear 64-66 HRC (Rockwell C)
  • Heat treatment
  • Mechanized division for easy demoulding

Moulds designed for the production of concrete pieces, saving time of machine setting and improving filling, compacting and remoulding.

Toform uses CNC-controlled machinery to offer accuracy of all moulds form our moderns facilities located in the village Sant Miquel de Balenyà, BARCELONA, Spain..

Toform is formed by a people team with a wide experience to provide the best advice to the customer.

Toform exports all over the world and finds the right solution for our customer needs.

Innovation and custom projects

Development of mould Project with CAD-CAM and 3D technologie according to customer requests.

Design of custom moulds, prototype and tests in block making machine to evaluate their technical feasibility.

We advise on aggregates, vibration cycle, pieces geometry for the best operation and life of mould, from our experience as manufacturer of block making machines ROMETA.

Maintenance of moulds

Solution of maintenance, repair and cleaning of mould box with turn tables. Tools and special tooling.

Solution of maintenance and cleaning of contra-mould.

What we can produce


What pieces? How many pieces?
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Rometa's facilities are operating on four continents.
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iso 9001ROMETA incorporates components from leading brands known worldwide in electrical and hydraulic equipment. Our company is certified in accordance to standard UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015 and our facilities meet the safety requirements of European Directive EEC 2006/42 / C.